Improving Digital Systems Security Evaluation

PROSPECT: Provably Secure Speculation for the Constant-Time Policy

Lesly-Ann Daniel, Marton Bognar, Job Noorman, Sébastien Bardin, Tamara Rezk, Frank Piessens

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We propose PROSPECT, a generic formal processor model providing provably secure speculation for the constant-time policy. For constant-time programs under a non-speculative semantics, PROSPECT guarantees that speculative and out-of- order execution cause no microarchitectural leaks. This guar- antee is achieved by tracking secrets in the processor pipeline and ensuring that they do not influence the microarchitectural state during speculative execution. Our formalization covers a broad class of speculation mechanisms, generalizing prior work. As a result, our security proof covers all known Spectre attacks, including load value injection (LVI) attacks. In addition to the formal model, we provide a prototype hardware implementation of PROSPECT on a RISC-V pro- cessor and show evidence of its low impact on hardware cost, performance, and required software changes. In particular, the experimental evaluation confirms our expectation that for a compliant constant-time binary, enabling ProSpeCT incurs no performance overhead.